AIBDE Mission Trip to Beaver Crossing is a success!

Five people from the parish ABIDE team (Mary Hass [Ithaca UMC], Pastor Brian & Jeanne Kottas, Tim Kubicek [Ceresco UMC], Aaron Johnson [Ithaca UMC]) plus Bill Lange from the Ceresco UMC went to the Beaver Crossing area today. We canvassed the area to assess what kind of help people need as well as work that needs to be done after the Mother’s Day tornado. Our group plus 2 gentlemen from a Lutheran church in Lincoln canvassed 25 sections outside of Beaver Crossing. We spoke to a lot of people and saw extensive damage that is still left after the storm. Work has started on some farms (rebuilding, new roofs, etc.) and work still needs to be done (picking up debris, windows needing replaced, siding replaced, roofs patched, houses rebuilt, etc.) All the information that we collected was given to the Disaster Relief Center that operates out of the Beaver Crossing United Methodist Church.
photo 3 (2) From left to right: Mary Hass, Bill Lange, Tim Kubicek, Aaron Johnson, Dorothy Aspegren (Disaster Response Site Manager for the Great Plains United Methodist Conference). Thank you to everyone that prayed for us and supported the trip financially.

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