Here’s What’s Happening Around the Parish!

A special thank you to all of you who remembered us with kind words, cards, gifts and prayers this Christmas.  We appreciate all of you and all you have done for us.          God Bless You!                      Pastor Brian & Jeanne

 Communion- Sunday, January 6, 2019

Be in worship to start the New Year off right!

Epiphany Sunday –

January 6, which marks the end of the Christmas season or Christmastide.

In the Western churches, Epiphany Day has marked the observance of the arrival of the wise men.

In the earliest Christian traditions, maintained by the Eastern churches, the day began a period that celebrated the incarnation and baptism of Christ.


The Ceresco Ad Council will meet after worship on Sunday, January 6th.

  The Parish Bible Study will be suspended until January 23rd @ 10am at the Ceresco Church.  Everyone is welcome.  We will continue our study of the Gospel of John.

 The Parish Youth Group will meet next on Wednesday, January 9th @ 7pm @ Ithaca.   Youth in the 6th grade thru 12th grade are invited!

 90th birthday celebration for Alice Eichmeier at the Ithaca Community Building on Sunday, January 13th from 1:30-4pm.

The Staff-Pastor Parish Relations Committee (SPPRC) will meet on Sunday, January 13th @ 3pm @ Ceresco.  Election of 2019 officers is on the agenda!




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